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Nancye M. Combs, SPHR


NANCYE COMBS fits the classic definition of a “thought leader.”  She is a trusted adviser, remarkable educator, gifted speaker and a voice of authority on Human Resources and Organizational Management.  She speaks, consults, writes, and offers expert witness testimony on workplace issues.  She is President and Chief Executive Officer of HR Enterprise, Inc., in Louisville, KY and spent many years as a corporate business executive before founding a consulting practice.  She serves hundreds of executives in business, industry, education and government in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, who recommend her and point out that her ability to use specific testing instruments to correctly evaluate job candidate is remarkable.

Nancye is the retained consultant for six national trade associations, while dozens of companies credit her for their growth and success, and turn to her when they face extremely serious human resources, management, and organizational issues.  Her ability to maintain the trust and confidence of CEOs and senior executives have earned her a place in the C-Suites and Board Room.

She has taught hundreds of supervisory and management classes.  As a nationally recognized expert in employment regulations, she has been engaged to offer an expert opinion an more than 1,500 practicing human resources professionals, who have completed the national certification human resources class she has taught at Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY during the past 16 years routinely say, “She has no peer; she is simply the best.”  Graduates cite her role in their education as a qualifying credential on their resumes.

Nancye is frequently found on the platform speaking to business executives who want to learn from her.  More than 100 articles on managing people at work written by Ms. Combs appear in leading business publications and the press often solicits her views on contemporary business topics.  Google her name on the Internet to learn more about the work of Nancye Combs.